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New Society6 Product Range

My new Society6 shop is online here! Now the only limit to the application of my artworks for products is my own weird/shambolic file sizes. No pressure, but it’s now possible to drool, yes drool, on one of my artworks. (Enticing!) Or, dribble ketchup from an afternoon hotdog on some art: Or even spend time… find out more »

Player – New Guitarist Work

A Continuation of the 2016 Portrait Series A portrait of a young guitarist, from a candid image. Measuring 50x42cm, on 300gsm paper. Ballpoint pen, ink and watercolour are used. Prints available from SaatchiOnline:

First Self-Portrait of 2016

A Comically Miserable Self-Portrait A happy accident whereby a candid restaurant photo mimics a common classical self-portrait pose. It was a perfect candidate for a ballpoint pen drawing on watercolour paper. The materials used were Bic 1.6mm pen on Fabriano paper. The finished piece measures 30×40 cm  

2016 Portraits

After a criminally long time, a new series of portraits has begun. Despite taking on commissions relatively frequently, my documentation has not been strong. Saving portraits on a locked phone that’s no longer in use is…inadequate. Portrait is entitled ‘Weronika D, In Progress’, measuring 50.8 x 40.6 cm, on 300g/m watercolour paper. It’s part of… find out more »

The Child Gangs of the War

By 1945, the already stretched war time emergency services were struggling to provide for the displaced runaways, orphans, and children simply separated from guardians. Without officially organised shelter and fostering, children living in the remains of bombed-out buildings and evacuated houses began to form ersatz family units. Clusters of half-starved, near feral children colonised rubble… find out more »

Comic Strip of the War!

Comic Strip of the War A tale of loss, sorrow, and the madness of invertebrate warfare in a small comicstrip of the War… The air filled with the drone and whine of breeding beetles each summer, often closely followed by the whistle of an approaching squadron, feverishly battling to clear flightpaths of the drowsy giants…. But… find out more »

MME Infographic

An Infographic to Answer the Questions: What? Who? Huh? Ih? I’m sure you’re familiar with infographics. I thought I was too, until creating this one. Nonetheless, as successful as the infographic formula has been for disseminating volumes of information, the smooth stylings of the ‘Rupert Bear’ comic strip can only be better! The MME, or… find out more »