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The Butterfly Lover and The Bearded Lady

Dr Aloysius Doran, an Irish-born entomologist, was one of Britain’s foremost experts, both before and after the oxygenation event. A beloved eccentric in his field, Dr Doran was born into one of Ireland’s most successful circus families, proprietors of Krinkle’s Wundergarden. His unusual private proclivities were the subject of much speculation in entomological circles. They reached… find out more »

Travel Log of Doctor Henrietta Gaberdine – Part 3

The auspicious return of the Checiny Diary, and the curious contents contained therein! Read part 1 and part 2, should you desire additional information… Our intrepid entomologists, the Dapper Dr Dander, the Mesmerising Dr Mickiewicz, and Doctor Henrietta Gaberdine, the Astonishing Amputee, have nearly concluded their studies. Dr Gaberdine’s salvation through bread penicillin was the… find out more »

Paper Dolls – Part Two!

Welcome back! After some printing, and let’s admit it, much play, here’s the greyscale prototypes of the new paper dolls! Suzy Swap-a-Limb, and her chum Sam, the World War 2 and a Half paper dolls, come with several interchangeable prosthetic limbs and outfits. Just put Sam’s clothes on Suzy and you’ve got a ready-made Jack!… find out more »

Paper Doll

It’s time for a sneak preview… Introducing Suzy Swap-a-Limb! A paper doll made specially for the children of World War 2 And A Half! Help Suzy get dressed with an assortment of pretty accessories and prosthetic limbs, with her handy gasmask, she’s ready for whatever the war can throw at her!

MME Embroidery

Jack Embroidery The following images show a scarf with embroidery made by a young Jack, Simon, nee Susan, Ffildes, while in basic training in 1949. The embroidery depicts the insignia of the Jack program, officially known as MME, the Ministry for Masculine Equality, in its signature red. Interestingly, although many behaviours described as typically ‘feminine’… find out more »