New Society6 Product Range

My new Society6 shop is online here!

Now the only limit to the application of my artworks for products is my own weird/shambolic file sizes. No pressure, but it’s now possible to drool, yes drool, on one of my artworks. (Enticing!)

Cork Street Derelict - 2016 - Society6 Product

Or, dribble ketchup from an afternoon hotdog on some art:

The Player - 2016 - Society6 Product

Or even spend time on hold in a range of customer service contexts, knowing that the back of your phone is signalling that you’re a person of infinite taste and discernment!

Dinan, Brittany - 2016 - Society6 Product  Iveagh Gardens - 2015 - Society6 Product

The lovely folks at Society6 take high-quality files of images from people without massive industrial print warehouses at home, (me), and apply them to a range of product available in their online shop. This includes phone cases, homeware, cards, notebooks, and most importantly, beautiful framed & unframed high-quality giclee prints!

Marys Abbey - 2015 - Society6 Product - Framed Giclee Print

Now your grandkids will know all about your impeccable taste, and that grandpa & grandma really know their stuff when it comes to archival-quality product! All images in this post thanks to the lovely Society6 image generator.

I’ll be adding more product to the shop as I painstakingly fiddle about with the file sizes. And Society6 have sales!