New Society6 Product Range

My new Society6 shop is online here! Now the only limit to the application of my artworks for products is my own weird/shambolic file sizes. No pressure, but it’s now possible to drool, yes drool, on one of my artworks. (Enticing!) Or, dribble ketchup from an afternoon hotdog on some art: Or even spend time… find out more »

First Self-Portrait of 2016

A Comically Miserable Self-Portrait A happy accident whereby a candid restaurant photo mimics a common classical self-portrait pose. It was a perfect candidate for a ballpoint pen drawing on watercolour paper. The materials used were Bic 1.6mm pen on Fabriano paper. The finished piece measures 30×40 cm  

2016 Portraits

After a criminally long time, a new series of portraits has begun. Despite taking on commissions relatively frequently, my documentation has not been strong. Saving portraits on a locked phone that’s no longer in use is…inadequate. Portrait is entitled ‘Weronika D, In Progress’, measuring 50.8 x 40.6 cm, on 300g/m watercolour paper. It’s part of… find out more »