Paper Dolls – Part Two!

Welcome back!

After some printing, and let’s admit it, much play, here’s the greyscale prototypes of the new paper dolls! Suzy Swap-a-Limb, and her chum Sam, the World War 2 and a Half paper dolls, come with several interchangeable prosthetic limbs and outfits. Just put Sam’s clothes on Suzy and you’ve got a ready-made Jack!

Here’s Sam, with his pet aphid Alfie, looking dashing:



and here’s Suzy, in her Sunday bomb-shelter best:


Suzy has an eyepatch, for those nuclear squint days:


and they both have siren suits, just in case of the gas:

Suzy and Sam Paper Dolls

They’ll come with plenty of accessories, and in full colour too! They’ll be available for purchase and download in a tiny amount of time…