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It’s Your Duty!

In addition to livestock casualties, most farmed chicken and beef were eaten by the armed forces. Louse was an alternative, but higher in protein and Omega 3, as we know now. In the early days of louse domestication, many civilians were reluctant to eat ‘the monsters from the news’. Urban myths abounded regarding the ‘German… find out more »

It All Depends On Me!

Propaganda posters like this one were a familiar sight, both during the War, and in the period following the establishment of the ‘Jack Program’. They served an important role in re-educating a wary public about the benefits of the Jacks, as an attempt to prevent social hostilities towards them. Following the fall of the Reich,… find out more »

The Jack Program

The MME, or Ministry for Masculine Equality, was the branch of government in the United Kingdom responsible for overseeing the ‘Jack Program’: The MME’s original function was to address a perceived loss of masculinity in society, through sponsoring women who identified as masculine, to retrain as men. Their ultimate role was to replace the masculine… find out more »

Childhood on the Insect Farm

In the United States, many rural and suburban children were encouraged to keep giant insects as pets, both for agricultural and recreational reasons. Naturally, children from farming backgrounds would be the first to have their own pet Canary Lice, in much the same fashion as previous generations had raised chickens and calves. The government released… find out more »